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SECP Assistant Director to Join CRI Group as Head of Investigations

Global anti-fraud firm taps Pakistani compliance and
capital market expert Aamir Yaqoob
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (25 March 2015)—Corporate Research and Investigations (CRI) Group announced today that compliance and capital market expert Aamir Yaqoob of Rawalpindi, Pakistan will be joining the global anti-fraud firm effective 1 April 2015 as Head of Investigations.
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CRI Group with its presence in 5-Continents, is a global supplier of Risk Management, Forensic Accounting, Due Diligence and Background Screening Services for some of the world’s leading business and non-profit organizations.
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CRI Group excels at deterring, detecting and investigating fraud and other crimes against businesses.
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CRI safeguards businesses by establishing the legal compliance, financial viability, and integrity levels of outside partners, suppliers and customers seeking to affiliate with your business.
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CRI Group Taps BSI for Training and Certification
CRI Group and BSI International Join Hands

Corporate Research and Investigations (CRI) Group, a global anti-fraud firm, announced today that it will engage UK-based BSI’s internationally recognised training and certification services to better help its agents remain positioned to address the changing landscape of business risk


CRI Group excels at deterring, detecting and investigating fraud and other crimes against businesses.

We are proud to have a business intelligence network in over 80 countries which allows us to get local knowledge in places our competitors cannot. We achieve success using a global network of professionals specially trained in Investigative Due Diligence, Financial Crime Investigations, Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption Solutions and Third-Party Risk Management.