The property sector involves real estate (including land and buildings/structures) and other tangible properties, and can also include mineral rights and other resources. Unfortunately, for as long as there has been a market for buying and selling land, property and resources, there have been schemes that aim to defraud. Some of the schemes even have colorful names: “chunking,” “builder bailout,” “phantom sale” – yet all are illegal and harmful to unwitting victims, which can include individuals and families, banks, holding companies, investor groups and others. Property fraud can be very convincing because perpetrators will often produce fake or forged documents, and will sometimes work in collaboration with other fraudsters. For example, a crooked investor might provide kickbacks to an appraiser in return for inflating the value of a property, or he/she may sell a property to a “straw buyer” at an inflated price, with the straw buyer intentionally going into default (and splitting the proceeds of the loan with the fraudulent investor). There are many more scams, and all of them look for vulnerabilities among buyers and sellers alike. CRI Group’s team of experts, including Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), works with property groups and companies dealing in real estate to uncover red flags of fraud. Our agents will help assess a transaction before it takes place, and can implement asset recovery solutions in the case where fraud has already occurred. This extra level of protection is crucial for any organisation conducting real estate transactions. Learn more about our solutions for your business.


Is your third-party risk management strategy efficient enough?

A business owner knows that one cannot produce a complete set of products and services to offer to their customers. Still, the need exists for having as many complementary products, or services, besides the main thing your company offers, in order to keep a client satisfied. Today, people will look for that particular company that […]

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Summit 2019

CRI Group’s Third Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Summit in Pakistan – the region’s paramount forum on Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption, providing participants with advanced and real-world practical insights on innovations on compliance, best-practice risk mitigation strategies, and updates on the ever-changing, fast-evolving anti-corruption landscape in Pakistan and worldwide. This Summit brings together industry experts from the public and […]

A global response to fraud and corruption

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