CRI Group - moving towards a fraud-free future
Date: 16 Nov 2018 By: CRI Group

CRI Group proudly celebrates International Fraud awareness week and highlights that this occasion (called Fraud Week, for short) is an important effort to put a spotlight on fraud and help educate people about its perils.

“Fraud Week reminds us that awareness is any organisation’s first line of defense against fraud and corruption, as properly trained employees will have a better opportunity to recognize the red flags of fraud, and a better understanding of their organisation’s zero-tolerance policy toward such behavior”, Zafar Anjum, founder and CEO of CRI Group says.

“Fraud is everybody’s problem, and it cannot be prevented and detected if employees aren’t provided with the information they need to combat it. Providing a robust anti-fraud training program increases your company’s protection from risks of fraud and unethical behavior. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure.”

For CRI Group, though, helping organisations prevent and detect fraud is a year-round commitment. That’s why Fraud Week is a great time to reflect on CRI Group’s recent efforts in the fight against fraud, and to also look ahead to activities on the near horizon. Below are just a few of the highlights. 

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