Employee Integrity Due Diligence

Employee Integrity Due Diligence


CRI Group’s pre-employment screening and employee background investigations are two valuable components to our overall Employee Integrity Program (EIP) which provides effective risk management strategies and solutions designed to protect the organisation from the “Human Factor.” An EIP is considered vital for the well-being of the organisation and instils honesty among employees, encourages strong internal controls, builds highly visible and effective deterrents, safeguards corporate resources and reduces risk to the bottom line.

FACT: 90% of security issues affecting businesses worldwide are brought about by the people working directly inside of those businesses.

The ability to effectively pre-empt internal security issues and corporate crimes can save businesses from huge potential losses and reputation damage. CRI Group’s employee due diligence services expose vulnerabilities and threats within your organisation and can significantly reduce the potential of the business and financial crime, fraud and malpractice from occurring within your workplace.


CRI Group provides a host of professional services to HR managers representing major corporations worldwide, including:

  • Managing employee background screenings across borders
  • Employee monitoring and risk management
  • Data protection compliance
  • Employee testing and confidentiality
  • Employee risk management
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