IP Infringement Investigations

IP Infringement Investigations

Intellectual property (IP) theft is a serious threat to any business. Unfortunately, trying to counteract it can be a slow and expensive process. At a time like this, the best plan is to bring in an investigative firm that can aggressively pursue your IP rights on your behalf.

CRI Group’s IP experts understand the intricacies and importance of protecting your intellectual property. Working alongside a global network of anti-counterfeit investigators, consultants, advisers and industry groups, CRI Group’s brand protection strategies will help you protect your brand and your business from outside exploiters. We will help you protect your Intellectual Property (IP) and branding elements, images that are unique to your organisation, content and products that others might seek to profit from. Let our investigators take over when your brand has been exploited and we will seek quick and decisive results for you. Often such breaches require legal action, and you will need expert assistance in navigating these waters.

CRI Group utilises a variety of techniques, analytics and global technology to investigate intellectual property infringements, which includes the use of international counterfeiting seizure maps and international anti-counterfeiting directories. Our strategic partnerships with IP firms worldwide ensure that leads are identified and investigated, and claims are settled in an expeditious manner.

As an integral member of the ICC Counterfeiting Intelligence Bureau, CRI Group investigators are specially trained to protect the brand equity and customer loyalty you’ve built by providing professional assistance in the areas of:

  • Trade secret breaches
  • Data breaches & IP leaks
  • Patent investigations
  • Theft of proprietary customer data
  • Copyright abuse
  • Unauthorised use of trademarks
  • Counterfeit & pirated products
  • Threats to brand integrity & reputation
  • Brand imitation & product copying
  • Global counterfeiting investigations
  • Brand, media and internet monitoring services
  • Litigation support

When it comes to protecting your brand, nothing is more important. Let CRI Group help safeguard your most valuable corporate asset.

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