Internal Investigations & Conflict of Interest

Internal Investigations & Conflict of Interest

Following a fraud risk assessment, CRI Group can help implement internal controls and monitoring procedures at your organisation. By having proactive measures in place, your company can focus on your core business practices, assured in the knowledge that fraud prevention controls are doing their work to protect your assets and investment. 

While working directly with your key personnel to lead and conduct internal investigations, including your board of directors, audit committee, ethics and compliance officers, general and in-house counsel, corporate security, human resources, and C-level executives, CRI Group:

  • Ensures that executive management and boards are fully informed.
  • Exposes the crimes while fortifying internal controls.
  • Exemplifies the company’s good-faith attempt to address internal crime.
  • Protects senior management and boards against outsider or shareholder allegations.
  • Promotes a culture of transparency and compliance to the organisation’s employees.

CRI Group’s Corporate Internal Investigation Services Include:

  • Corporate Fraud Investigations
  • Corporate Crime Investigations
  • Locate Implicated Present & Former Personnel
  • Locate Personal Assets To Recover Company Property
  • Process Serving
  • Insurance Fraud Investigation
  • Surveillance Support
  • Intellectual Property Investigations
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Corporate Security Consulting

Once internal controls are in place, they need to be monitored and results must be tracked. Our team will help you established benchmarks and gauge your results to know if your internal controls are working properly. Adjustments can be made as needed to ensure that your organisation has the full measure of risk protection possible.

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