Forensic Accounting

When financial pressure leads to fraud, you need a qualified forensic accountant – or better yet, a team of them – to unravel the numbers and the facts of the case. It is a specialised skill for a task that should only be conducted by experts.

CRI Group’s highly qualified forensic accountants, which include our Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), can certify your books, track potential fraud and ensure that your company is moving forward safely.

Forensic accounting experts can quickly find discrepancies in your finances and investigate the source of the problem.  The future of your business depends on safeguarding assets and investments from fraud. Ask how CRI Group can help your business by preventing and detecting fraud — thereby improving your bottom line.

Most importantly, only forensic accountants are trained to provide the accounting, auditing and investigative skills that are suitable for court – should your case proceed to a level of legal action, the involvement of forensic accountants in the case from the beginning will be critical to reaching a successful legal resolution. CRI Group’s forensic accounting experts have the ability to gather and present evidence and testify about the case in a way that conforms to legal requirements and courtroom standards.


A few ways forensic accounting combats financial threats

Forensic accountants are experts with a unique set of training and skills. “Forensic” means suitable for use in court, and forensic accounting is a speciality practice area of accounting that deals with engagements and investigations where disputes or litigation are anticipated. For those reasons, the training and expertise demonstrated by these professionals make them very […]

Tips for Preventing and Detecting Expense Account Fraud

It’s one of the most common forms of occupational fraud: Employees fudging on their expense accounts. Whether through fictitious charges, fake receipts or invoices, or other improper use of expense funds, an expense account is sometimes seen as a low-risk, high-reward area for committing fraud. It shouldn’t be. If your company takes the proper steps […]

CRI Group at Annual review: Corporate Fraud & Corruption 2018, UK

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