Integrity Due Diligence

Local Knowledge. International Scope.

Due diligence on potential business partners is vital to confirm legitimacy and reduce the risks associated with such professional relationships.  CRI Group’s global integrity due diligence investigation provides your business with the critical information it needs in making sound decisions regarding mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships and the selection of vendors and suppliers. This level of due diligence will help ensure that working with potential outside party will ultimately achieve your organisation’s strategic and financial goals.

Parties of interest

Suppliers, Agents, Distributors, Advisers, Joint Venture Partners, Brokers, Third-Party Affiliates, Technology Vendors, Business Services Vendors, Distribution Channel Partners, and any other entity wishing to transact with your business.

Extensive and Effective Global Coverage

CRI Group’s vast network of Certified Fraud Examiners, Compliance Officers and Research Consultants possess diverse industry backgrounds and are strategically positioned across five continents. Our multi-national corporate intelligence and forensics network is based in Dubai and operates in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and outlier territories where reliable information is difficult to obtain.

CRI Group’s professionals are acutely trained in international business compliance, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery Act, OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, Money Laundering Regulations and their associated developments.  Business intelligence is gathered from regulators, industry observers, suppliers, competitors, distributors and even current/former customers.


The impact of negative exposure

  • Damaged Corporate Reputations and Brand Devaluation
  • Eroding Employee Morale
  • Potential Consumer Boycotts
  • Negative Investor Perceptions
  • Possible Legal Action
  • Fines and Potential Jail Terms for Directors


Integrity Due Diligence Investigations have exposed security issues that could have potentially had a disastrous impact on our clients’ business operations had they not been identified.  Such investigations have equipped our clients with critical information that enabled them to avoid:

  • Merging with an international business embroiled in several behind-the-scenes legal battles.
  • Getting caught up in making procurement decisions involving the inappropriate influence of government officials who were slated to receive kickbacks.
  • Partnering with organisations that were potential credit risks, have claimed bankruptcy, have dissolved stated companies or were faced with debtor filings.
  • Awarding work to an overseas contractor with absolutely no prior experience.
  • Affiliating with a contracting company owned by a politician with significant influence on future awards.


Anatomy of a CRI Group Due Diligence Investigation

CRI Group investigators employ a proven, multi-faceted research approach which involves a global array of databases, courts and public record searches, local contacts, industry and media resources, and in-depth web-based research.  Our resources include:

  • International business verification
  • Individual business interest search
  • A personal profile on individual subjects
  • Company profile on corporate entities
  • Historical ownership analysis
  • Identification of subsidiaries and connected parties
  • Global and national criminality and regulatory
    records checks
  • World-Check Politically Exposed Person database
  • International digital media research
  • Country-specific databases that include litigation checks, law enforcement agencies and capital market regulators
  • Company background analysis
  • Industry reputational assessment
  • FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery and corruption risk databases
  • Global terrorism checks
  • Global financial regulatory authorities checks
  • Money laundering risk database
  • Financial reports
  • Asset tracing

According to Transparency International, which investigates business corruption across the globe, bribery and corruption were partly to blame for the recent global economic crisis. The conditions cited included serious lapses in corporate due diligence, governance and integrity; poor transparency and accountability; and, inadequate corporate integrity systems. The worldwide recession has furthered the public’s demand for businesses to behave responsibly.


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